Boulted Bread

Boulted Bread is a bakery and stone mill that serves craft bread and pastry made with organic, heirloom and locally sourced grains.

614 W. South Street, Raleigh, NC    

 Open 7-6 Wednesday through Friday and 8-5 Saturday and Sunday

The Mill

The mill at Boulted Bread was designed and built by Fulton Forde, with the help of friends far and near.

Fulton first learned about stone milling while working on a German mill at Farm and Sparrow in Candler, NC, under the knowledgeable guidance of David Bauer. He became fascinated by the heightened flavors and enhanced nutrition of stone milled whole grain and sifted flours.

Fulton traveled North America to learn from those with knowledge of stone milling. The culmination of Fulton’s interest in ancient technology and his capacity to create came together in the design and construction of our mill. It is designed specifically for our needs with age old mills as its main inspiration.

Having our own stone mill frees us from the binds of commercially available flours. Instead, we have the great opportunity to seek out heirloom grains and locally source them when appropriate. These grains offer a wider flavor spectrum, are more nutritionally complete, and are as fresh as possible. In addition to using freshly milled grains in our breads and pastry, we plan to offer packaged flour and grits.