Just Bee Apiary


Just Bee Apiary is a Chemical Free operation with a focus on raising, managing and teaching how to keep honeybees in the most natural way possible. We do not stress our bees by moving them around the state for pollination. Knowing that honeybees know way more about “beekeeping” than we humans do I study them, their behavior and history to learn from them the best way to interact with them.

Creators of:

The Orange County Honey Project: Where we use the honeybees small food shed of 3-5 miles to collect the flavor of local towns and then extract these micro-local (town) honey flavors and bottle the TASTE of home.

-The first ever “Honery” in the world! We are the very first bee farm to utilize honeys hygroscopic┬ánature to extract the “devils cut” flavors out of freshly used Whiskey Barrels. Though honey is in liquid form we use it as an extracting agent to pull out all those lost deep rich whiskey flavors.

At Just Bee Apiary we take a LITERAL approach to the “buy local” movement.Each community we live in has a distinct flora or “Terroir” (Tare-Wahr) that is special to that geographical area. We place our hives at iconic locations within that community that are unique or special to us. Our honeybees forage for several miles gathering nectar and pollen(mother natures fingerprint) then bring it back to those hives and convert them into honey, a liquid time capsule of each year’s unique flavor. We harvest our honey and then using a proprietary method, blend all of those flavors(locations) together and create a rare chance for you to know…what HOME tastes like.

What we think we know about HOME is an incomplete story! Through our human senses we can SEE, TOUCH, SMELL & HEAR almost everything around us that we interpret as home, but collectively what home TASTES like has eluded us until now. With the creation of “The Orange County Honey Project” and working in a collaborative effort with our bees (my girls) we can finally complete the story of what HOME really means to us….through TASTE!