Lilly Den Farm

Where to find us:

Pittsboro Farmers Market- Market Commons- Thursday, 3:30-5:30

Carolina Brewery and Grill, Pittsboro, Saturday, 9:00-1:00

Where to Find Our Products

Angelina’s Kitchen, Pittsboro, NC                    

Carolina Brewery and Grill, Pittsboro & Chapel Hill, NC

Chatham Market Place, Pittsboro, NC 

Little Hen, Holly Springs, NC 

Small B&B Cafe, Pittsboro

Oakleaf, Pittsboro, NC

Natural Chef Program at CCCC

Phoenix Bakery, 84 Hillsboro St., Pittsboro, (919)-542-4452

About us
Our mission is to provide a wide variety of natural and locally raised meats for individuals and families to enjoy with the peace of mind knowing the meat was raised healthy and humanely.

We are a young family of six who live in Goldston, NC.  Tucker, a farmer from Schoharie, NY, was born on a small dairy farm. There he learned the work ethic and constant hard labor it takes to be a successful farmer. Milking a herd of 30 Guernseys, he became passionate about the show aspect of breeding and raising dairy cattle. 

As Tucker became an adult he began to raise his own beef because he was tired of the poor quality of meats available. Due to the demands of desirable meats from friends and family, he decided to get his meat handlers licenses, expand on his variety, and sell his products locally.

Tucker enjoys breeding, raising and selling his products. However, he is still passionate about his herd of dairy show calves, heifers, and cows. He takes them to cattle exhibitions across the country with our 9 year old son, Dennet,  our 8 year old daughter, Lilly, our 1 year old, Meadow and our newest family addition, Rye.

I, Mackenzie, was a fourth grade teacher from Staten Island, NY who fell in love with a country boy and the farming way of life. I have been farming full time for almost 4 years now and am fortunate enough to home school Dennet and Lilly. I feel very fortunate to have our farm and I am excited to watch it grow. It is my dream to share this wonderful experience with others. 

We stand behind our product completely. We are committed to providing high quality meats at a reasonable price.