TS Designs

Made in USA. Custom screen printing services for the fashion and garment industries

TS Designs was founded in 1977 as a small, manual screenprinting operation. After a few short years, TS became a fully automated manufacturing company, printing shirts for the big brands (Nike, Tommy, Polo, GAP, etc.). After the 1993 implementation of NAFTA, however, TS Designs watched its customers flood to Mexico for its lower labor cost.

Instead of following many of their peers and calling it quits, CEO Tom Sineath and president Eric Henry turned to fellow business owner and long-time friend Sam Moore for a new direction. Sam introduced to Tom and Eric the triple-bottom-line business model focused on three equally important bottom lines: People, the Planet, and Profits.

Armed with their new business model and a healthy amount of crazy, Tom and Eric sought to align themselves with, and cater to, a then-fringe group: The Green Movement.

Today, TS Designs still sells largely to local, environmentally and socially-conscious businesses and organizations that make up The Green Movement, but also prints for any organization looking for a better quality product with a better environmental and social impact. Help us to be an example of a successful triple bottom line business as we continuously work to improve our social and environmental influence.

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