A Taste of Money and Meaning

Fearrington Barn September 10, 2015 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

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Judy Wicks
Frank Stasio

Frank Stasio, interviewer extraordinaire and host of the popular NPR show, The State of Things, will be on stage interviewing Judy Wicks.  Local economy is a topic that is near to Frank Stasio’s heart.  He presided over the opening of the Durham Food Coop, and he has definite opinions about how a local economy should function so that all can be included and prosper.

Judy Wicks is a force of nature and a founder of the local food movement. She founded Philadelphia’s landmark White Dog Cafe, which she opened in 1983 on the first floor of her house and managed for 26 years. Under Judy’s leadership, White Dog became a leader in the local food movement, purchasing sustainably grown produce from local family farmers, and only humanely and naturally raised meat, poultry and eggs, sustainably harvested fish, and fair trade coffee, tea, chocolate, vanilla, and cinnamon.

As a restaurant owner she had to figure out how to source “the whole cow” in order to successfully buy from local beef growers. So she did.

She also paid her employees a living wage, mentored inner-city high school students, recycled and composted, used solar heated hot water and eco-friendly soaps and office supplies, and she purchased 100% of electricity from renewable sources, White Dog was the first business in Pennsylvania to do so.

Judy has famously divested to create a “100% Local” portfolio. Judy is also BALLE Cofounder and Board Chair Emeritus, an international leader and speaker in the local-living-economies movement.

Your part

We will have “traveling microphones” available for audience participation in this event.

Their discussion – and ours – will no doubt touch on the importance of small farms and local food in our lives, the way be build community, and why all this matters.

Book Signing

After the discussion, Judy will be signing her new memoir, Good Morning, Beautiful Business, The Unexpected Journey of an Activist Entrepreneur and Local-Economy Pioneer that tells the story of her evolution as an entrepreneur who would not only change her neighborhood, but would also change her world.


Local refreshments from Bill Donovan’s “Breakfast and Beyond” and a Cash Bar of Fair Game cocktails and wine & beer will be available.

Thanks so much to Fearrington for hosting this event, and donating the use of this fabulous space!

Fearrington Barn