Financing Small Food Enterprises

Pittsboro Library Meeting Room September 11, 2015 2:15 pm - 3:00 pm

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Carol Peppe Hewitt
Steve Saltzman
Mary DeMare

If we want an ecologically sustainable food system we must figure out how to finance it.
So, are we gonna beg, borrow, or steal the money we need?

In NC we’ve pioneered Slow Money peer-to-peer lending, some folks have used crowd-funding, others have gotten USDA grants or conventional bank loans. Most business owners have put together a combination of funding options, and ‘layered’ various sources of capital.

Steve helps food businesses find capital, Carol is a stellar ‘money matchmaker‘ and Mary has finessed both crowd-funding and local Slow Money loans to grow her rabbit business.

They will share their successes and their challenges in creating a new paradigm of community financing for the greater good, and ask the important question of us all – is this enough?